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We have supplier partnerships with both Meteor Communications and EWS Australia, who both have exciting, unique and innovative technologies for use in the field of Geotechnical, Structural and Hydrological Monitoring.  Please contact me if you would like more information, pricing or trials of these products. 

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Meteor Communications

Manufacturers of ultra-low powered, remote monitoring still image cameras to help Engineers and asset owners validate conditions on site from any internet enabled device, with images available on demand or automatically following a recorded, on site event. 

Over 2000 cameras already deployed across river, rail and utility infrastructure in the UK. 

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EWS Australia

Manufacturers of the EWS Switch – a smart, low-powered, low-cost logger that communicates and transmits data via the Iridium Satellite network.  Compatible with most geotechnical and hydrological sensors, this is essential for any remote sites with little or no mobile network coverage.  Ideal for both event detection and long-term condition monitoring

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